Why You Should Use Organic Preen For A Healthier Garden

organic preen

Organic preen is a great way to keep your fruit and vegetable garden healthy and free of harmful weeds and chemicals. It is made from natural ingredients such as mulch and is safe for both you and the environment. It is an effective way to control weeds serving as a vegetable garden weed preventer. Organic preen is a great way to keep your garden healthy and free of harmful chemicals.

organic preen

What Is Organic Preen?

Organic preen is a natural vegetable garden weed preventer made from corn gluten meal. It works by inhibiting the root growth of weeds, causing them to eventually die since they are unable to grow. Unlike chemical weed killers, organic preen is safe for use and you can apply the product around children and pets without fear, and it will also not harm your plants or soil.

Is Preen Really Organic?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as there is not always a clear distinction between organic and non-organic weed killers. However, most preen products are certified organic by an accredited certifier, which should ensure that the product is of high quality and free of harmful chemicals. If in doubt, always check the label to confirm that the product is organic.

What Is Preen Made From?

Organic preen is made from corn gluten meal, which is a by-product of the milling process used to produce corn starch. Unlike other types of weed killers, such as glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup), corn gluten meal does not cause environmental damage nor harm wildlife.

organic preen

How Does Preen Work?

Preen products are also be called organic vegetable garden weed preventer  because they are natural weed control agents which prevent bad weed seeds from germinating. The preen organic vegetable garden weed preventer works by killing weeds on contact and preventing new ones from germinating. The active ingredient in Preen organic products is trifluralin, which works to kill annual grasses and broadleaf weeds

Benefits Of Using Organic Preen For Your Garden

Organic preen has a number of benefits over chemical weed killers including:

  1.  It is safe for use around children and pets, and will not harm your plants or soil.
  2. It is safe to use around all types of vegetation,
  3. They are easy to apply.
  4.  Organic preen products are long-lasting.
  5. Preen products are also an excellent choice for preventing crabgrass.

How To Use Organic Preen

To use organic preen, simply apply it to the affected area and water it in well. You should see results within a few days to a week, as the weeds will begin to die off. Be sure to reapply every four to six weeks to maintain control.

1. Apply organic preen directly to the skin before applying any other product.

2. Follow the instructions on the organic preen product label.

3. Be sure to apply enough organic preen to cover the entire skin surface.

4. Wait 10-15 minutes before applying any other product.

organic preen


Preen lawn or vegetable garden organic weed preventer kills weeds within two to four hours after application, but the effects will last for several months. The product prevents weeds for four 1-6 months (it depends on the product) when applied at the proper. There are many benefits to using organic preen products in your garden. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they are also safer for you and your plants.